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Programs for Lifelong Learners

Programs for Lifelong Learners

Our programs suit your aspirations and schedule. Work toward your MS in Computer Science to advance or change your career. Or make Northeastern University in San Francisco your home campus while enrolled in a degree program online.

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Enterprise Talent Solutions

Enterprise Talent Solutions

We work with employers to help organizations stay competitive. We’ll collaborate with you to understand your talent needs and develop programs to recruit, upskill, and retain the people you need to propel your business forward.

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Student Life

Student Life

When you pursue a graduate degree at Northeastern, you’re joining a vibrant network of ambitious peers. We offer a robust set of campus resources and events to connect you with fellow students, nearby alumni, and the local community.

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"It's exciting. There are startups popping up left and right and all the kinds of people that you can meet on this campus. You start to identify the overlap: what are our common goals? How can we achieve them together?"

—James Borzillieri, MS in Computer Science, Align

"The Align program helped me change my career. I want to feel like I am working for a good purpose. I prefer to have a job with good effects on society."

—Aida Sharif Rohani, MS in Computer Science, Align

"The entrepreneurship program along with the abundant mentorship changed the course of my career and my life. I was able to draw out my creativity and ignite the entrepreneurial passion within me."

—Kyla Nuesa, Semester in San Francisco, 2020

Featured Programs

Align Master of Science in Computer Science

Northeastern University’s Align Master’s in Computer Science program provides a direct path to an MS in computer science and a high-demand, rewarding career—for professionals from any field who have no previous programming experience.

Master of Science in Computer Science

When you pursue your master’s in computer science, you customize your program to your goals. Work to advance to new levels of leadership in your field, specialize in a new area of focus, or advance toward a PhD.

Semester in San Francisco

A study-away program for undergraduates that gives students an immersive dive into the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Bay Area. Learn directly from tech leaders, participate in industry events, and learn on the job with a coop work placement.

Online Graduate Degrees

More than 45 of Northeastern’s graduate programs are offered in an online-only format. These degrees offer the same academic rigor and are taught by the same faculty as our in-person-only programs, but offer greater flexibility for learners regardless of their location.
Computer Science — Align
Computer Science
Semester in San Francisco
Online Graduate Degrees